Our Story


This story begins with a sustainable party tumbler, your favorite party cups alter-ego. Growing up in South Florida and living an active outdoor lifestyle, Brandegee Pierce (Founder/ Designer) and Danielle Del Sordo (Co-Founder) grew tired of seeing litter scattered across their beautiful beaches. This fueled Brandegee to design the first vacuum insulated red party cup. After countless 3D-printed prototypes created in his home studio (a.k.a. the living room), he was determined to create the last party cup you will ever need and help put a stop to the billions of single use plastic cups that are tossed every year.  

The Pirani Party Tumbler will keep the spirit of the occasion alive and your drinks hot or cold all while earning you some good environmental juju. Bring the cups to your favorite game, tailgating outside a concert, into your college dorm, on your back deck or wherever you choose to party sustainably. We hope this classic red cup will bring people together while making a positive environmental impact.  

At Pirani Life, we want to keep this momentum of sustainability moving forward and pledge to design products that will help reduce single-use plastic. Everyone is invited to join the party! So, whatever your preference, raise your Pirani Party Tumbler while humming that famous song ♪ (you know which one were talking about) ♪ and Let’s have a party ♪ ♫

Party Sustainably,
Brandegee Pierce and Danielle Del Sordo


Our Insulated Tumbler Story
Brandegee Pierce
Founder/ Design Guru
Danielle Del Sordo
Co-founder/ Chief Storyteller